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WordPress and wp-mail.php

As I said before, I like the ability to blog over mail, so a though could come to my mind, and always there is a terminal somewhere where I can run mailx and post it forever… or I could write it up in thunderbird with a better spelling feature 🙂
To do this, I realize that you need to call a script within wordpress called wp-mail.php that access my super secret account.
Some people use a cron job for that, but I think that we can use the .forward functionality to get this done:
more .forward
"|procmail ;/usr/bin/wget -q --delete-after; exit 0"

The --delete-after is to remove the output. and the exit 0 because it returns a status 1 and I could not find the information about why this was happening..

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Thanks Ugo!!

I am testing the wordpress stuff as suggested by ugo cei in one of my servers. The one that I have at home using debian, what I like it is that I could post from any terminal with inet access. I just need the mailx program and hey, this is on my brain (blog) 🙂