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Helping linux printer driver for HP 2600n

Today, I was able to print a complex B&W test page using this driver: foo2hp: a linux printer driver for ZJS protocol (e.g. HP Color LaserJet 2600n)
Even if I was just only the person that test the results on that printer, It feels so good!!!

This is what happends when you buy a printer without double check if is supported by linux. When I bought it, I thought that if that printer uses a network interface, then I would not have any problem to print under linux ( that is a wrong thought).
Searching around, I found out that the official HP project HPLIP had not plans to support this printer in the near future 🙁 .
After a couple of emails the helpfull people at linuxprinting suggested to try Foo2zjs driver

I had contact the maintainer of the driver (Rick Richardson), but he could not be able to help me at that time (he had a stroke). Then I was lost in what to do, Hin-Tak Leung was able to start looking at the driver, when the week before last, Rick came back to scene and start coding and get partial result.

I think that I am the first person in the world to print a complex BW testpage with that printer as Rick does not have that printer, he was sending me file streams for me to test.

Today i am a happy man, Thanks Rick!!

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  1. I too made the same mistake please send me any links that can help me get my printer working with PcLinuxOs

  2. Has anyone had success printing over a network to the HP 2600N using foo2hp?

    Thanks very much for any suggestions or links.


  3. Do you really print over network? Could you please explain how, or write me an email?
    I do not get the 2600n working.



  4. Hello Juan,

    yes the Cups Printer Test Page comes out very fine when I’m directly connected via USB.
    But the settings via ethernet do not work.
    Neither IPP nor HTTP nor HP JetDirect.
    The nmap output says:

    7/tcp open echo
    80/tcp open http
    9100/tcp open jetdirect

    But somehow it does not work. Printing via network from M$ Win is no problem.



  5. Juan, you are the greatest!
    It works!
    Now I have to put it somehow in a normal printer dialog. But I’m sure that someone had the problem before.

    Thanks a million!


  6. I’m very happy using foo2hp driver.
    But has a littte problem…If I send multiple copies of a same page i get only 1 page in printer…

    i don’t know what to do…

  7. Using Ubuntu and the Hp2600n driver worked nicely (BW only) over the network first time. I’d like to get the colour working though.

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