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Reduce the size of a dynamic VDI file in VirtualBox

I have got a Virtualbox with debian to build up windows machines using unattended. This virtual HD went up to 54Gb but internaly on 28Gb were used. So when I wanted to move out of that machine it took ages. I wonder if there is a easy way to clean up.
Found it.

start with liveCD,
install zerofree ( apt-get install zerofree)
zerofree /dev/sda1

When finish shutdown the virtual machine and execute on the host system:

VBoxManage modifyhd vdi_file.vdi compact

HOWTO: Reduce the size of a dynamic VDI file in VirtualBox


update:  SytemRescueCD have zerofree installed by default as for version 3.1.0

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how to remote syslog using openwrt

If you need to keep an eye and history about what is going on on your router enable remote login with this command:

echo «option ‘log_ip’ ‘’»>> /etc/config/system

Change to your server. Then on your server (linux debian as example) check /etc/default/rsyslog and add «-r» to the default options. you would start getting messages on your system.
Maybe you need to comment it out on this file /etc/rsyslog.conf those options:
# $ModLoad imudp
# $UDPServerRun 514