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ColorPage-Vivid 1200XE under debian

After a while trying to get a pretty nice genius scanner, I had give up, and I had bought one of the scanners that are supported on the sane project A Genius ColorPage-Vivid 1200XE.

So I had plugin in and then an error saying » Fail to open the device Not valid argument«.

I was a bit lost, but then I tried to open the xsane program from the command line: [gt68xx] Couldn't open firmware file (`/usr/share/sane/gt68xx/ccd569.fw'):

where the hell is that file? Searching did not help much. It must be a ccd569.fw somewhere otherwise what is the point in having a reference to a non-existen file? So I try to use the windows driver from the cd ( you can download from genius) wine 1200xe.exe extracts other files, but not ccd569.fw,

so I try to execute: wine Setup.exe damn it fails! so what about extract the cab files? cabextract oh oh, it has been created for the InstallShield installer. So I had to download unshield plus configure and make. But finally unshield works for me, I was able to find under DRV_USB_GT6816 the CCD569.fw file. Copy to /usr/share/sane/gt68xx to make your system happy

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my upgrade of wordpress 1.5.0 to 1.5.2

I am getting a few spammers comming to my blog. So I thought that if should be time to upgrade wordpress to a new version as I am hoping that this upgrade will keep spammers away.

So that was easy:

download dpkg -i wordpress_1.5.2-1_all.deb
replace /etc/wordpress/wp-config.php
skip /etc/wordpress/htaccess

It will fail with an error about not able to find
no worries..
cp /etc/wordpress/wp-config.php.dpkg-old /etc/wordpress/config-XXXXX.php

It worked for me, good luck!