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Deployment of the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool using OCS

Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool allow a quick check for the most common malware on you computer. Windows-KB890830-VX.XX.exe release an updated version of this tool on the second Tuesday of each month. Microsoft Safety Scanner an updated tool that expires 10 days after downloading.

Both executables have same parameter to run it on silent mode:

name-executable.exe /Q

So to execute Microsoft Safety Scanner (as example)  within OCS:

Create a new Package and execute msert-x86.bat with those contents:

msert-x86.exe /Q

Upload as zip, activate, and assign a computer to run it. When execute on the client machine it could fail and give an exit_code

  • EXIT_CODE_6 At least one infection detected. No errors.
  • EXIT_CODE_7 At least one infection was detected, but errors were encountered.
  • EXIT_CODE_10 At least one infection was detected and removed, but a restart is required for complete removal

You can see more exit codes on KB891716 but if you want a more detail you can check %windir%\debug\mrt.log

This software does not create a new entry on the Add/Remove Program list. But I will add and entry on the registry under

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\RemovalTools\MRT\Version . So to add it on OCS you need to create a registry entry

Registry -> New Data

Name (you choose): MRTVersion

Registry hive:  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

Path of the key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\RemovalTools\MRT

Name of the key that will be read: Version

You will get a string:  A769BB72-28FC-43C7-BA14-2E44725FED20 (This one is for January 2013)

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Registrar tipo de archivos asociados a office en XP

En el caso de que libreoffice se haya cargado las asociaciones de documentos.
For Word, type: «%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11″\winword /r
For Excel, type: «%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11″\excel /regserver
For PowerPoint, type: «%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11″\powerpnt /regserver
For Access, type: «%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11″\msaccess /regserver

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Formulario de recoger y enviar datos con php bajo wordpress

Si tienes que crear algún simple formulario que recoja alguna informacion y ejecute algún pequeño código en php. Esta es una manera, para insertar código php dentro de la plataforma de wordpress.

Instala el complemento Exec-PHP

Para simplificar el formulario y ejecutar tanto la toma de datos (GET) como el envío (POST) en la misma pagina sin AJAX, pues lo primero que haremos sera revisar que la petición no es un envío de datos (POST), y que tenemos el dato que necesitamos para ejecutar. En mi caso solamente necesito el parámetro «ref»

< ? php>
if (isset($_POST[‘ref’])){
…… el código php que necesites echo ‘.$_POST[‘ref’].’ ;

Si no es un envío, entonces muestra el formulario para recoger los datos.

else {
echo ‘
form method=»POST» action=»»>
input type=»hidden» name=»form-name» value=»ficha-tecnica» />
div style=»text-align:left; border: 1px solid #bbb; padding:10px;»>
label for=»name»>Referencia
input type=»text» name=»ref» id=»ref» />
input type=»submit» value=»Enviar» />